Energy Globe STYRIA AWARD - Jury Prize Poster

  • Susan Wrigley
  • Thursday, Dec 12, 2019

During the “Österreichische Fachtagung für Photovoltaik & Stromspeicherung” (Austrian Symposium for Photovoltaics & Electricity Storage) DI Dr. Roman Trattnig, Joanneum Research was awarded the Jury Prize for the best poster submissions for our project “SiTaSol – Industrial scalable low cost front side processes for III-V Si solar cells“.

Joanneum Research is delighted to announce that a poster on SiTaSol and in particular the front side metallization process the project consortium is presently working on was elected as the best research project from the jury during the “Österreichische Fachtagung für Photovoltaik & Stromspeicherung” held in Vienna on 5th and 6th November 2019.

The symposium was held for the Austrian photovoltaic and storage industries to be informed about the latest developments on the market. Distributed over these two days, 670 participants listened to the lectures given by the speakers, debated, and developed new ideas. This meant that the merger of the annual storage congress of the Federal Association Photovoltaic Austria (PVA) with the Photovoltaic Conference of the Technology Platform Photovoltaic (TPPV), was a real success, resulting in the biggest event of the Austrian photovoltaic and power storage industry to date.

Due to this fact, Joanneum Research MATERIALS, as an institute active in the area of materials science, is particularly proud that our joint work as a project consortium has been valued so highly, even though currently fewer companies are actually producing solar cells in Europe. However, from JR’s point of view, research and development in this area will be the only key to get significant power on the solar cell market, back to Europe in the mid to long term.