Si Bottom Solar Cell - Update June, 2020

  • Oliver Höhn, Fraunhofer ISE
  • June, 2020

By using a self-organization process, we managed to realize a photonic contact with tailored disorder that allows for efficient light trapping in silicon based tandem solar cells.

More Details can be found in:

  • Hauser, Hubert; Mühlbach, Kai; Höhn, Oliver; Müller, Ralph; Seitz, Sonja; Rühe, Jürgen et al. (2020): Tailored disorder: a self-organized photonic contact for light trapping in silicon-based tandem solar cells. In: Opt. Express 28 (8), S. 10909. DOI: 10.1364/OE.390312.

  • Höhn, Oliver; Hauser, Hubert; Tucher, Nico; Müller, Ralph; Bläsi, Benedikt (2020): Modeling and realization of photonic structures for silicon-based tandem solar cells. In: Proc. SPIE. Photonics West. San Francisco. SPIE (11275), S. 1.