Work Package 2 - July 2018

Objectives and status
  •  Low cost preparation of 4” c-Si wafers, suitable for high performance Si bottom cell formation and direct growth of GaAsP.Picture1.pngPicture2.png
  • Activity show good progress in development of low cost surface with flat surface ready for III_V nucleation. Right top photo show AFM surface test with low roughness and angle error of crystal lattices low degrees errors.
  • Development of processes for wet chemical lift-off or laser separation of III-V films on c-Si
  • Wet etching experiments performed and right centre photo show under etching verified by Scanning acoustic microscope. Some separations at edge is observed
  • Several LASER annealing setting tests performed and bottom right photo show Ga(In)AsP lift-off process wafer. Small cracks appears in film. In general lift-off is possible but optimized annealing conditions is needed to do crack free separation.